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Bilancia Large Deep Bowl | pompei red

Bilancia Large Deep Bowl | pompei red

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ø 18.0 cm  x H 6.0 cm (ø 7 ⅛"  x H 2 ⅜")

Combining the workmanship of noble artisans with a new prospective to create a product that is pure and contemporary for today’s life style.

Each piece of earthenware ceramic is hand crafted and glazed in traditions dating back centuries; made of pure and of exceptional quality materials; the innovation of the design comes from the essential modern shapes and colours inspired by vernacular of neo-rationalist architecture whilst respecting its functionality and purpose. The results gives each piece an essential and functional elegance.

Each piece is unique and selected with the greatest care; made entirely in Italy by artisan hands.

Handmade in Italy. 

Design inspiration: Bilancia collection takes its visual inspiration from the neo-rationalist architecture that shaped the Milanese movement of the 1960s and 1970s, which underscored the autonomy of architecture. This influence can be seen in the clean lines of the pieces and the proportionate balance identified in the expression of their forms. The designs speak to the core of social and cultural importance, of existing shapes and structures, and of the reassertion of historical forms. The new glaze finish refernces vintage Japanese lacquerware, matte yet silky hand resulting in a durable scratch resistant surface.

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Dishwasher safe using gentle and environmentally friendly detergents on the air dry cycle and do not overload the dishwasher. Hand washing is recommended when possible using a non-abrasive sponge. Avoid temperature shock by heating things slowly, evenly and carefully. Microwave safe, the temperature of the items may vary after microwave use. We recommend allowing items to cool before handling. Surface scratches may occur over prolonged use, to reduce handle with care and avoid contact with sharp objects.
Our handmade ceramics are made by craftsmen whom spend a lifetime perfecting their techniques. A technique that is developed with intimacy with the materials, they are made one at time and glazing of each single piece give it a unique feature that is slight imperfect, as it won’t have the precision and uniformity of a machine ceramics. The artisans with their trained eyes and careful selection method make certain that each piece of these unique and not a replica effect is pleasing and beautiful.

We use the earthenware white ceramic of the highest quality made by our workshop in the territory. All martials are controlled by us and meet the European Union standards that are highest in the world. All glazing materials are certified for tabletop use and controlled on regular based by local laboratory agencies to be free of any harmful materials. We invested in using only the highest quality material in our ceramics because of their properties that include resistance to heat, high resistance to scratches and durable for everyday use. They can manage to withstand the use in microwave and dishwasher.