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Commune Abstrakt | steel blue / mix 1

Commune Abstrakt | steel blue / mix 1

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140 cm x 180 cm (55" x 71") 
92% wool 8% cashmere

Combining the workmanship of craftsman with a new prospective to create a product that is pure and contemporary for today’s life style.

This blanket is crafted from the highest quality of noble fibers, woven by a historical mill, with techniques that are centuries old; the innovation of design comes from modern approach in combination of colors and patterns. The result gives each piece a simple elegance.

Every blanket is unique and has been selected with the greatest care; made entirely by craftsmen hands.

Handmade in Italy.

Design inspiration: Abstrakt is a special project created in collaboration with Commune, part of a new series of interior product developed by the Los Angeles design team. Based on original small-scale paintings by Steven Johanknecht, created at home during the pandemic lockdown, these artworks were repeated and repositioned to form patterns that evoke and pay homage to traditional Scandinavian designs. This innovative approach blends contemporary artistry with classic motifs, resulting in a collection that bridges past and present in a captivating and meaningful way.

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This product is made of natural fibers and it is recommended to be dry cleaned. If hand washing use specialized wool and cashmere laundry detergents, do not machine wash, do not bleach, do not use a dryer or use hot iron.
A jacquard loom is used to weave this work of art. The blanket is made of fine yarns of lambs wool and cashmere with a soft felted finishing to give warmth yet remains light weight. Edges are fished with a special color stitching in an exclusive method, a hand rolled edge that creates a cording effect.