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Tela Placemat Macchiato | sand

Tela Placemat Macchiato | sand

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40cm x 50cm (16" x 20") 
100% LINEN

Combining the workmanship of craftsmen with a new prospective of design to create a product that is contemporary for today’s life style. Each piece is created from the highest quality of noble linen yarns and woven by vintage shuttle looms. The innovation of the design comes from a modern approach in combination of colours and patterns. The result of this process gives each piece a simple elegance. Every piece is finished by hand and has been selected with the greatest care; made entirely in Italy.

Design inspiration: The Tela collection is made using 100% Italian linen in two “tela” or canvas weave structures. A heavier rustic version is dedicated to the placemats. These very unique handed painted version are created for us by an artist in Florence. The name "Macchiato" meaning stained is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the idea of the stained placemat after a wonderful dinner. Each piece is unique and not repeatable considering the work of the artist's hand that has created them.

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Machine wash at 40c° (104°) keeping the different colours separated. Stains can be treated before washing with a stain remover. Let the product rest without rubbing the stain and then wash immediately. With dark colours, test the remover on a small part of the fabric. For air drying after washing, stretch out the damp items and remove creases, then hang to dry before folding. Use a tumble dryer on a light cycle. Iron at medium temperatures.
Made using 100% Italian linen in two “tela” or canvas weave structures, lighter finer version for the napkins with a heavier rustic version for the placemats and the runners. These very unique weaving structures are very soft yet strong and tactile, perfect for an informal yet elegant table setting. After hand sewing each item goes through a special dying and stone washing process to create the soft and weathered look resulting in a very unique effect with potential irregularities which makes each pieces distinctive. The Tela collections with its beautiful colours are perfect for everyday easy use, machine washable and elegant at the same time.