We had the immense pleasure of launching the Rosetta Collection hosted by the stunning Restaurante Rosetta in Colonia Roma Norte of Mexico City.

This event marked the culmination of a remarkable partnership with the renowned chef Elena Reygadas and the creative team of Araceli Paz and Sebastian de Vizcaya at Fenn Apartamento. The evening was a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and the seamless blend of design, food, and hospitality.

The Venue; Salon Rosetta above the restaurant, a beloved culinary gem in Mexico City, provided the perfect backdrop for our event. Known for its warm, elegant atmosphere and refined tastes, Rosetta embodies the essence of Mexican culture and sophistication. The restaurant's interior, with its beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary design elements influenced by Elena's travels, set the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Our collaboration with Chef Elena Reygadas and Fenn Apartamento was born out of a shared passion for design, authenticity and excellence. Chef Reygadas, renowned for her culinary artistry and dedication to using local ingredients, brought her unique vision to the event. Her dishes are a celebration of Mexican flavors, elevated to new heights with her creative touch. Fenn Apartamento, a dynamic creative team known for their innovative approach to bringing together like minded creatives played a great role in the event's success. Their ability to create immersive experiences through design was evident in the planning and thoughtfully curated details.

As guests arrived, they were greeted with exquisite cocktails served in the collection glassware that set the tone for the evening. The drinks, crafted with precision and creativity, were a perfect prelude to the culinary delights that awaited. The atmosphere was fantastic, as old friends and new acquaintances mingled and shared their appreciation for art and design. The ambiance of Salon Rosetta, enhanced by the elegant decor and warm lighting, created an inviting and intimate setting. Conversations flowed easily, and laughter filled the air, as guests enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and exceptional hospitality.

The launch of the Rosetta Collection was more than just an event, it was an experience that truly embodied our deep passion for design, food, and hospitality. It was a night where creativity an collaboration were celebrated, and where guests could immerse themselves in the beauty of our shared vision.

Looking back on the evening, we are filled with gratitude for the incredible partners who made it possible. Chef Elena Reygadas and the team at Fenn Apartamento brought their extraordinary talents to the table, and together, we created something truly special. The Rosetta Collection launch was a testament to what can be achieved when passionate, creative minds come together.

We are excited to continue this journey together and look forward to many more opportunities to celebrate the intersection of design, food, and hospitality.

PHOTOS: Araceli Paz (IG: @aracelipaz)
WORDS: Jay Vosoghi