Kate and David Kitz have just beautifully completed renovations of their first family home in Los Angeles. A 1,600-square-foot 1950s bungalow in Mar Vista. Kate, a stylist, and David, a photographer, teamed up with architect Andrew Hall for this project. Here, they give us an insight to the brief of the project and their design inspiration.

Kate & David Kitz in their home

David tells us that when they set-off to find their new home they felt that much of what they saw did not reflect their personalities or design aesthetics. Being both creatives, they made the choice to create their own design direction reflecting their taste. They knew from the start that the vernacular that appealed to them in this new home was a mix of Craftsman and Japanese. They teamed up with architect Andrew Hall who shared in their vision and understood the potential of their new house. 

The overall driving concept was simple; avoid trends. They knew that they wanted a home that was comfortable and not too fancy— a family home that really could blend into the fabric of their neighborhood. They loved the style of original homes in their area, they wanted to maintain as much as possible and pay respect to the vernacular of the home. They maintained  and restored as much of the existing original red oak hardwood flooring as possible, carefully matching the new flooring for a seamless update. They limited the selection of materials, keeping with the craftsman ethos, such as concrete, oak, Douglas fir, and stoneware tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms.

After completing the project they set off to select the furnishings that would fit with this aesthetic and speak the same langue. David being a long time collaborator contact us with his selection of their dinnerware and glassware. They selected the Bilancia earthenware ceramics in Ocher Tan, Bosco Green and Milk, a perfect colour palette to fit in with their home. For the glassware, they selected the Helg collection along with Luisa Millerighe and Sand, a prefect selection that is for everyday comfortable family living.

What they had envisioned has now been realized and the final result feels like a home. David tell us, now after living in there for almost a year, it feels better than they could have ever imagined. 

PHOTOS: David Kitz (IG: @davidkitz)
WORDS: Jay Vosoghi