Textile Technical Tubo

Construction: Made using a vintage shuttle loom, one of the oldest types of weaving loom, they are very effective yet slow and this creates a fabric with a beautiful character. Woven from natural linen, cashmere and silk with a double warp and double weft construction to create a tubular blanket with two sides connected only by the selvage indicated in a contrasting cashmere yarn. This results in a very unique item with two side of completely different characters; one of soft and cozy cashmere, the other crisp and cool linen. A modern technical master piece of art. The colours are mélange and soft to add to rich hand feel of the blanket, the side edges are connected by selvage and bottom edges are fished with natural fringe.

Content: 52%LI 32%WS 14%SE natural dyed linen and soft mélange cashmere and silk.