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Trulli Mill | Pyrite Yellow

Trulli Mill | Pyrite Yellow

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ø 7.4 cm x H20.7 cm (ø 2 ⅞" x 8 ⅛")

Combining the craftsmanship of noble woodworks with a new prospective to create a product that is pure and contemporary for today’s life style.

This salt and pepper wooden mill is crafted from 100% sustainability harvested beach wood from continental European origin, known for its delicate grain and shaped with traditional hand turning technique; the innovation of the design comes from the modern shape inspired by aesthetics of architecture whilst respecting its functionality. The result gives each piece a simple and functional elegance.The mill’s Danish mechanism is fitted with a ceramic grinder with a 25 year guarantee.

Every mill is unique and has been selected with the greatest care; made entirely by artisan hands in Italy.

Handmade in Italy. 


To fill the mill: Simply hold the main body in one hand and top or cap in other hand pull apart forcefully (it fits very tightly by design) and once the cap is removed fill hollow cavity with paper or salt as desired. To place the cap back on insert the center metal rod in the hole inside of the cap, both are hexagon shaped, push the cap back in place again forcefully. Fit the cap nice and flush and just turn to grind. You can adjust the size of the grind by adjusting from the bottom that will be marked with symbol indicating large to small. 

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For cleaning use a soft sponge and detergent, rinse under warm running water and remove moisture immediately with a dry cloth and leave to air dry. Do not place in dishwasher or leave in standing water. Do not place near open flame, hot plate or heating lamp. Do not place in microwave. Avoid areas of high humidity, high temperatures or direct sunlight. Surface scratches may occur over prolonged use, to reduce handle with care and avoid contact with sharp objects.
Our handmade salt and papper mills are made by craftsmen whom spend a lifetime perfecting their techniques. A technique that is developed with intimacy with the materials, they are made one at time by hand truning each from noble wood single piece at a time that gives it a unique feature that is slight imperfect, as it won’t have the precision and uniformity of a machine made. The artisans with their trained eyes and careful selection method make certain that each piece of these unique and not a replica effect is pleasing and beautiful.

We use the highest quality noble wood soruced from sustiable forsts in Europe. All martials are controlled by us and meet the European Union standards that are highest in the world. All materials are certified for tabletop use and controlled on regular based by local laboratory agencies to be free of any harmful materials. The mill’s Danish mechanism is fitted with a ceramic grinder with a 25 year guarantee. We invested in using only the highest quality materials for our mills because of their properties that stand the test of time.